Due Diligence Column in The Business Times

Vertex SEA | 15 Jan 2023

We are pleased to share that we will be publishing a monthly column "Due Diligence" in The Business Times, every Third Monday of the month. We are writing this monthly column, focusing on key insights gained from investing and appraising businesses across various sectors.

We invite you to share questions, ideas or suggestions you may have with us too, for this monthly column too via vvsea_communications@vertexventures.com

#1 The role of venture capital in managing startups

27 Sep 2022

By Carmen Yuen, General partner

In the first of this new column “Due Diligence”, we would like to share our thoughts on the role of VCs in managing and guiding portfolio companies, specifically in matters of enforcing corporate governance to avoid such painful scenarios.

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#2 Science Fiction on the Factory Floor is More Real than You Think. How Good is the Tech?

17 Oct 2022

By Abhijit Gupta, Senior Investment Associate

Imagine walking into a factory and being greeted by a line of robotic arms, each working on wrapping and bundling dresses into a carton.

Sounds like science fiction, but the reality of advanced manufacturing today comes quite close.

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#3 Investing opportunities in the carbon credit market

21 Nov 2022

By Pui Yan Leung, Partner and Khush Topandasani, Senior Investment Associate

What does venture capital have to do with saving the environment?

We believe that Southeast Asia’s transformation toward a greener economy offers interesting investment opportunities, and it would be a missed opportunity to ignore or dismiss the ClimateTech category in our region, even though the space is still nascent.

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#4 The future of fintech: From digital lenders to neobanks

16 Jan 2023

By Chan Yip Pang, Executive Director

In Asia, digital lending is not new.

However we believe South-east Asia and India are entering into the “Third Wave” of digital lending, where the advent and confluence of artificial intelligence, open finance and embedded finance are creating breakthroughs in credit assessment and customer outreach.

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