Kee Lock Chua | The Straits Times | Me & My Money: Timing is key to a tech start-up’s success

Kee Lock CHUA | 02 Apr 2023

"Ultimately, it is about being passionate in what you do, having fun and positively transforming the lives of those you meet along the way. As long as I can contribute and stay relevant, I aspire to continue pursuing my career actively and nurture many more outstanding talent, teams, and technologies."

Our Managing Partner and Vertex Holdings CEO, Kee Lock Chua, was recently interviewed by The Straits Times. In the feature, Kee Lock discusses how his upbringing shaped his view of money, and shares his best investment decision as well as his worst investment mistake.

Kee Lock drives home the importance of mentoring, which he believes is the secret sauce for any successful founder.

He also outlines how he structures his own investment portfolio, and shares three investment tips:

  • Invest in disruptively transformational companies.
  • Constantly learn and strive to be knowledgeable about relevant technologies and subject matter in general.
  • Timing is key.

"My investing philosophy lies in backing disruptively transformational companies. To do that well, one must constantly learn and strive to be knowledgeable about frontier opportunities and relevant technologies and subject matter."

Learn more about Kee Lock by reading the full feature in The Straits Times. Additionally, watch/listen to the first episode of our podcast, Hard Truths by Vertex, featuring Kee Lock, where he discusses his journey with Vertex, building the VC as we know it today.

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