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Carmen YUEN

General Partner

Carmen Yuen joined Vertex Ventures Singapore office in 2014. Her focus is in Singapore and Southeast Asia, leading investments and helping portfolio founders to grow their companies into regional and global champions. Carmen sits on the board of many of our portfolio companies and works closely with founders on the companies' strategies including fundraising, recruitment and market penetration. Carmen has served many years in Singapore’s government-backed venture capital initiatives including EDB Investments and Spring SEEDS Capital where she worked closely with many start-up companies in Singapore.

Carmen currently serves on the Board of Sunday Insurance Holdings, Speedoc, TickledMedia (dba The Parentinc), Propseller and Turnkey Lender.


We have 20+ years’ experience transforming operations, technology, and investments at foundational companies. Collectively we have founded 6 companies with a market capitalization of more than $6B.

ABACUS digital

ABACUS digital, previously known as SCB Abacus, is the first fintech spin-off in Thailand’s banking industry, using alternative data and machine learning to enable inclusive digital lending for the un...

ABACUS digital

Visit ABACUS digital website

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