Piyush Kharbanda: Vertical SaaS in 2023: Generative AI and More

Piyush KHARBANDA | 26 May 2023

Our partner Piyush recently published an article dives deep into this topic, exploring the opportunities, challenges and boundless potential of integrating AI in the Vertical SaaS space. From creating more efficient workflows to transforming customer service, enabling seamless integrations and unlocking powerful analytics, Generative AI holds much promise.

A simple, foundational mantra for building a successful startup is this assessment: what’s your customers’ willingness to buy your product? There are several factors that go into this assessment but understanding that one burning need and solving for it is a great starting point. We think there is an inherent need that a product should start with, and as you build more, every subsequent customer should get more value as the product becomes better and more nuanced.

There is no better example of this than in Vertical SaaS. Purpose-built software, solving industry-specific problems, getting into the weeds of customer businesses, evolving with consumer behavior, and changing industry dynamics: Vertical SaaS is transformative when done well, and we have seen several examples of successful companies in the world of Vertical SaaS.

At Vertex Ventures, we have been actively investing across Vertical SaaS for years. Our portfolio includes successful investments in Financial Services, Intellectual Property, Hospitality, Food & Beverages, and so on, with more on the way. Vertical SaaS is an area we have had early belief in and continue to believe Indian companies have an extremely strong advantage.

Introduction: A brief Vertical SaaS Explainer with the help of ChatGPT...

The article " Vertical SaaS in 2023: Generative AI and More" continues here.

Edited by: Elise Tan

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