The "No Reference"​ Philosophy - Janice Wong's Passion for Creation

Jing Zhe Ang posted on 28 Apr 2022

ImgMany know Chef Janice Wong as the avant-garde who successfully marries culinary skills with visual arts. Well known for her headline grabbing edible art installations, Janice, CEO and founder, has created many “firsts”.

But what was the story behind the woman with such an astounding imaginative capacity? Where does her source of inspiration come from?
Intrigued, Ang Jing Zhe sought to uncover the journey that brought her to successfully marry culinary skills with visual arts today.

This is part of our monthly Vertex Female Founder Series, where we are sharing beautiful, untold stories of our female founders overcoming the odds and obstacles to build businesses that are disruptive, yet transformative to the lives of many. Today we are proud to feature Janice Wong.

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