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Vertex SEA | 30 Aug 2023

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August 2023 - It seems that when global tech trembles under uncertainties, Southeast Asia succumbs. The key question is can we bounce back faster than other ecosystems? See what our Partner Gary Khoeng has to say in The Business Times column.

July 2023 - AI has been a hot topic, but how does a startup build its moat and build an unassailable position? Hear more from Liu Gen Ping, our Venture partner.

June 2023 - Our Managing Partner Joo Hock Chua shares his advice for triumphing the tough times. He urges all founders to “Take the opportunity to reflect and recalibrate, and you can succeed. Reflect on why you started the company”.

May 2023 - Our Portfolio Ace Turtle's hard work has been rewarded and they have successfully raised a $34 million Series B funding round. Our Managing Partner Ben Mathias shared that one of their key recipe for success is that the team prioritized sustainable growth over vanity metrics.

April 2023 - Our Partner Puiyan Leung is pleased to present our annual Impact report findings. Our companies have served 10.9 million individuals and MSMEs so far and more.

March 2023 - Congratulations to our portfolio Flutura for their acquisition by Accenture and we dedicate this edition to our female founders - hear what our Partner Carmen Yuen has to share.

February 2023 - Find out how we are keeping the ball rolling with a month filled with planning for the year, team activities, insightful podcasts and articles.

January 2023 - We kickstarted the year with a new podcast - check it out here as well as our insights across Fintech, B2B commerce and more.

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