VVSEAI Investment | MatchMade raises $1.5 Million led by Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India

Matchmade | 17 Oct 2023

MatchMade raises $1.5 Million led by Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India to Revolutionise Ledger Management Solutions

Singapore — Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India (VVSEAI), an early stage fund investing across sectors in the Southeast Asia & India region has made a $1.5 million investment round in MatchMade, a cutting-edge software company specialising in ledger management solutions. This investment marks a significant milestone for MatchMade as it embarks on a mission to automate reconciliation and streamline financial operations for businesses.

MatchMade's visionary founders, with backgrounds as early employees of Gojek and extensive experience in various startups, have developed a specialised ledger management platform. This platform is designed to automate reconciliation processes, enabling businesses to effortlessly match bank statements with their records. It's a game-changer for companies seeking greater financial accuracy and efficiency.

"We are thrilled to be part of MatchMade's journey to redefine how businesses manage their finances," said Joshua Agusta, executive director, Investments at VVSEAI. “The need for accurate and efficient reconciliation is paramount in today's business landscape. MatchMade's innovative solution addresses a critical pain point for enterprises by transforming the manual and complex task and enhancing its accuracy to real time updates about its balance sheets."

The $1.5 million investment will play a pivotal role in MatchMade's growth strategy. The company plans to allocate the funds to build essential infrastructure, expand its pool of talent, and obtain necessary licenses and certifications with respect to the industry. In this aspect, certifications are particularly vital, as they enable MatchMade to engage with industries that demand the highest standards of data protection and accuracy.

MatchMade's long-term vision extends beyond local markets. The company aims to become a regional leader, offering its reconciliation solutions to businesses across the Asia-Pacific region, including Australia.

In a market where businesses are increasingly seeking ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency, MatchMade's software platform fills the gap by automating reconciliation, a process that is often manual or relies on other expensive software providers. Customers, including notable names like Gojek, are already benefiting from MatchMade's game-changing solution. MatchMade's offering has already demonstrated its impact on the target market. Companies like Ismaya, Gojek, Fithub, and Dailybox have transitioned from manual or other expensive software platforms to MatchMade's platform. The results have been remarkable, with average cost savings of five times compared to previous methods.

This investment in MatchMade highlights VVSEAI's dedication to supporting innovative companies with the potential to disrupt and transform their industries. MatchMade's innovative approach to ledger management positions it as a frontrunner in the finance technology sector.

For more information about MatchMade and its groundbreaking ledger management platform, visit MatchMade's website: https://www.MatchMade.io

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